Strep throat treatment should start as soon as possible in order to cure the illness fast and to avoid further complications that can occur. You should see a doctor right after the first symptoms. Do not wait for too long – the longer you wait the higher are the chances to spread the bacteria and pass it to people around you.

Strep throat is successfully treated with antibiotics. Cephalexin, Penicilin and Amoxicilin are commonly prescribed for strep throat treating. Still, keep in mind that these antibiotics can only be used in treating bacterial infections while viral-caused infections can not be treated with antibiotics. This is important to know because many people mistake strep throat for soar throat. Strep throat is bacterial infection and it is treated with antibiotics, while soar throat comes from a virus.

Although strep throat infection can disappear spontaneously in a week or so – it is important to see a doctor and get therapy in order to prevent further complications and to shorten the healing time. Antibiotics will relieve the symptoms and help you cure faster, but you have to take them in time, meaning two days after the symptoms have started.

Antibiotics destroy bacteria. The period during which you are contagious gets shorter thanks to antibiotics. They also successfully stop further complications like tonsils or sinus problems and rheumatic fever. These complications are not very common, but they can happen, so it is better to prevent them. Still, do not take antibiotics just because you think you have strep throat infection. Wait for your doctor to confirm this and then you can start antibiotics treatment. If you wait for one or two days it will not worsen your condition. It can even lead your body to activate its own immune system and fight the infection.